Wearing headphones often can affect health, and we should pay attention to its harm


No matter on the road, on the bus, or on the subway, people with earphones are everywhere. Wearing earphones can fully integrate into your own world. It is really very pleasant. However, among the many people who wear headphones, how many people have the habit of cleaning headphones? How many people know that the bacteria will multiply several times after wearing the headset for one hour? Many people have raised questions about this: Did you make a big fuss? How can the earphones I wear alone produce so many bacteria? We tell you that this conclusion is learned through experiments, so how to clean the earphones to clean up the bacteria? Please look down:

After the experiment, the experimenter said that we have done such a comparative study and found that bacteria generally reproduce asexually by a simple two-division method, and the division time is generally 20 to 30 minutes. Therefore, from this perspective, if you wear the headset for one hour, the bacteria can multiply by up to 5 times. If you don't wash it all year round, it will accelerate the bacteria's multiplication.

The head of the Inspection Department of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that if the earphones are not cleaned for a long time, many bacteria will be attached. These bacteria must not be underestimated. Although everyone feels that the earphones have not been cleaned for a long time and have little effect on the body, this varies from person to person. When the body's resistance is good, they will not make people sick. If an individual's resistance drops, they will make people sick. Therefore, for your own health, you still have to clean and disinfect earphones and other personal items on a regular basis; moreover, your own earphones are for your own use, not for others to use, so as not to generate more bacteria. As for the cleaning method, the person in charge said that citizens can disinfect with better quality wet wipes or wipe with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. The specific operation should be based on the quality of the headset to choose the disinfection method.