How to buy bone conduction headphones?

So what do you need to pay attention to when buying bone conduction headphones? The following points are what I think should be paid special attention to.

1. Is it comfortable to wear

Bone conduction headphones are actually worn by the "clip" method. So whether it is comfortable when hanging is very important. Bone conduction headphones must be designed close to the ear, so that they can be hung securely. Otherwise, it will be embarrassing if the headset is dropped during exercise. And it can't be too heavy. If it is too heavy, it will be uncomfortable to carry it for a long time.

2. Battery life

No matter what kind of wireless Bluetooth headset, battery life is a concern. The battery life must be as long as possible, otherwise it would be annoying to charge the battery all day long.

3. Connect

You also have to see which version of Bluetooth it supports, whether the transmission is stable and fast, and the transmission distance is far away.

4. Waterproof and dustproof grade

Different styles of bone conduction headphones have different waterproof levels.

Here is a little introduction to the classification of waterproof and dustproof grades.

Generally it will be represented by IPxx

The first digit indicates the dustproof level, and the second digit indicates the waterproof level. If only x is written, it means that there is no special treatment.

For example, IP67 means dustproof grade 6 and waterproof grade 7.

IPX7, indicating that the dustproof grade has not undergone special treatment, but the waterproof grade has reached 7.

The division of each level is shown in the figure below.

If the waterproof level reaches level 8, it means you can wear it for swimming!