Are bone conduction headphones harmful to ears?

Are bone conduction headphones harmful to the ears? This is a problem of many people's relationships. Of course, the general view is that bone conduction headphones have lower damage to the ears compared to traditional headphones. This is unquestionable, but this does not mean that bone conduction headphones do not damage the ears at all.

At the same time, doctors also said that when people listen to music outdoors, especially on buses and trains, because the background noise is as high as 85 to 100 decibels, the volume set by people when listening to songs is bound to overshadow the background sound, so it will cause hearing in the long run. Seriously damaged.

Therefore, the best practice is: No matter which kind of earphone is used, firstly, the time of wearing the earphone continuously cannot exceed 60 minutes; secondly, the volume of each listening music cannot exceed 60% of the maximum volume; Third, clean the earphones regularly to avoid bacteria and germs and protect the health of the ears.