Development of headset products


For the headset industry, it can be said that it is expected. However, in terms of speed, it may exceed the imagination of many people, the fast development speed, in fact, in the development of more subdivided product categories, whether it is TWS headset, sports headphones or noise-saving headphones, game headphones, these products The degree and crowd are increasing, and many products have also happen and iteratively, and gradually improve the experience of the user. First, we will summarize in accordance with different product categories, what changes have changed in the earphones of different positioning purposes.


First of all, inventory is the true wireless TWS type headset product. Since Apple officially released AirPods, the headset industry has officially entered the whole wireless era. In 2018, a large number of brands began to launch all wireless headset products, but because of the Bluetooth related solutions and Chip technology is hysteresis, most of the wireless headphones except Apple AirPods do not bring a very good experience of consumers. With the update of new all wireless programs, the use of the Wholesale TWS Earphones Manufacturers giants, the usage experience of true wireless headphones begins to get close to Apple AirPods feel.

Sport earphone categories in the last two or three years, the attention is also a trend, with the more and more consumers, more consumers also have an indispensable in their own sports. part. In addition to traditional sports headphones, such emerging headphones such as all wireless headphones, bone pass-headphones also make sports headphones in this segmentation in the experience and targeted sports scenes have a better experience and option.


The noise reduction headset has been monopolized by several international big names for a long time, and more and more domestic brands have begun to launch their own noise-saving headphones products in the past two years, and with hardware configuration and domestic manufacturers in the noise reduction algorithm Now the Chinese brand's noise-saving headphones have also begun to have a very good noise reduction experience, and there is also a higher price performance in the price. Now consumers no longer need to pay more than a thousand yuan to buy decline-free headphones, in China In the camp of excellent brands, hundreds of dollars have also been able to buy a lot of excellent products.