Why do most people still use custom wired earphone?

In the crowded subway, in order to happily swipe the phone without disturbing others, earphones have become a necessity. But we found that most of our friends still use custom wired earphone. We summarized the reasons for the following reasons:

1. Low power consumption

Whether it is waterproof wired earbuds or wireless earphones, they must be connected to a mobile phone when in use, so they consume electricity. The difference is that they consume different power, wireless headsets consume very low power, and Bluetooth headsets consume nearly twice as much power as custom wired earphones.

2. Low latency

There is no delay in wired headphones with mic, and the Bluetooth headset has a certain degree of delay according to the configuration of the headset, so professionals can judge more accurately. Because the use of Bluetooth headsets requires the mobile phone's Bluetooth to transmit wireless signals, plus the steps of the headset Bluetooth to receive signals, it will cause delays.

3. Long life

Generally speaking, the service life of the headset can meet the needs of users, so the comparison of the service life of the headset is more focused on the level of loss rate. In general, true wireless headsets have a higher loss rate and high cost, so in comparison, wired headsets have a longer "life".

4. Good sound effect

The low transmission performance of Bluetooth causes the sound quality to be slightly worse. Bluetooth headsets and wired earphones with mic at the same price, wired earphones have better sound effects. Of course, there is no shortage of Bluetooth headsets with good sound quality, but the price will be higher.

5. No charging

While using Bluetooth headsets consumes the power of the mobile phone, it also needs to be charged, and the battery life is generally 24 hours, which requires an average of about three days to charge once, while wireless headsets do not have this requirement at all.