How to choose between custom neckband bluetooth earphones and mini type, and which one is more suitable for you?

Now wireless headsets can be said to be facing a major explosive development stage. It can be said that the future trend of wireless headsets will get better and better. People are more and more keen on choosing headsets to wander around wireless headsets. This is not only the development of wireless headsets, but also More importantly, it gives us more convenience in life. Compared with the two main categories of wireless earphones, custom neckband bluetooth earphones are still separate mini-types. I believe that many consumers will be confused. This time we will talk about which one Would be more suitable for you?

First of all, the separate mini type is our common and lighter and more convenient wireless headset. Its appearance is more concise and can be said to be "wireless" in the true sense. When it comes to the representative product is the well-known AirPods, wireless headsets can be popular. It is caused by AirPods, so would such a split headset be a better choice?

Let’s first talk about the advantages of split earphones. Compared with custom neckband sports bluetooth earphones, the most intuitive thing is that they can’t hang necks. They are also wireless Bluetooth earphones. They will appear smaller and more convenient to carry in our daily lives. This is one point. In addition, it does not have the same wired restraint as custom wired neckband earphones, which makes our head movement more comfortable. Finally, it will look better in terms of battery life. Generally, it will be more durable when used with a charging compartment.

What about the hanging neck style? The same hanging neck style also has the characteristics that the split style can't reach, and its price is more affordable and more cost-effective than the split style headphones of the same level. In addition, the neck-mounted wired design is not easy to cause loss, and it will be firmer during your exercise and use, reducing the chance of earphones falling. And neck-mounted headphones are generally equipped with earplugs of various specifications to give you a better listening experience.

In this comparison, do you have a direction of your own choice? From the point of view of my own use, if you prefer to use it in daily life, the split headset is more convenient and simple in appearance. It is suitable for you to wear when you walk, shop, and drive, while the hanging neck type Due to its superior sound quality and robustness, headphones are not wrong if you love sports or like listening to music in the gym.

In general, the convenience of wireless earphones will gradually replace most of the earphone market in the future. This is also a result of our current level of intelligence and technology. Of course, wired headsets also have their own advantages, but Bluetooth technology will have a greater market prospect in the future. When we choose wireless headsets, you will ask before that Ask yourself what do you use headphones for? In this way, the choice of headphones will be more suitable for you.