Advantages of custom sports neckband earphones

Why do you use custom sports neckband earphones in a lot of fitness? We know that bluetooth headsets are not very suitable for high-intensity sports due to size and weight issues. Wired headsets will affect sports and in-ear headsets are not stable. Therefore, many fitness sports will choose custom sports neckband earphones.

Advantages of custom sports neckband earphones:

1. Wearing stability

The hanging earphone itself has a certain weight, coupled with the ergonomic neck curvature design, it is more difficult to fall when worn, and it will not be lost even if it falls off the ear.

2. Weight and portability

The neck-mounted Bluetooth headset is much smaller than the head-mounted type, and it is lower-key and lighter when hanging on the neck. True wireless headsets need to be placed in the charging compartment. And our neck is actually the most convenient storage for neck-mounted headphones. When not in use, it hangs naturally and is suitable for all-weather wear.

3. Endurance

Mainly compared to true wireless headsets, the general single battery life is about 5 hours. The neck-mounted headset can distribute a part of the weight to the collar, thereby increasing the battery capacity and having a longer battery life.

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