What is the noise reduction principle of active noise cancelling earbuds?

For many music lovers, ambient sound may affect the music listening experience. If you have heard a song on an airplane, then you will understand. The sound of the aircraft engine is so noisy that it makes it impossible to concentrate on listening to music. At this time, you will really want an active noise cancelling earbud.

Noise reduction headphones are divided into two categories: passive noise reduction and active noise reduction.

Passive noise reduction is the use of very thick earmuffs to block outside noise. This method is very simple, it is to choose the acoustic material that absorbs sound well. However, they are relatively large, and the price is related to the materials used.

Active noise reduction headphones are much more complicated than ordinary headphones. A noise reduction module needs to be built in the headphones. It contains a microphone to receive external noise. After calculation by the internal circuit, it is added and added while the headphones are playing music. The sound wave of the "inverse" of the external noise, thereby canceling the external noise. Due to the complex structure and working principle of active noise reduction headphones, the price is generally much higher, most of which are in the price range of 1,000 yuan or more.

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