How does active noise cancelling earbuds achieve noise reduction?

JiaWeiHua is the leading anc earphone manufacturer in China, offers anc earbuds wholesale. Many customers find it amazing why earphones can isolate noise. Today, JiaWeiHua will explain to everyone how noise reduction earphones achieve noise reduction?


The core of the method of active noise cancelling earbuds for active noise reduction is "phase cancellation". The sound is formed by sound waves generated by vibration, and then transmitted to the human ear through the medium (air). Two sound waves with equal amplitude and opposite phase overlap each other. Together, the energy will offset. Active noise reduction uses this principle: the pickup receives external sound, and through IC processing, the speaker emits the opposite sound wave, which interferes with the external noise, and it will be much weaker when it finally reaches the ear. Active noise reduction has a better effect on low-frequency noise, but general high-frequency noise. Because the wavelengths of high and low frequencies are different, and the wavelength of high-frequency sound waves is shorter, it is difficult to achieve a complete anti-noise effect. Moreover, the noise we usually face with anti-noise products is mostly concentrated in the low frequency area, so the research on China active noise cancelling earbuds is basically invested in the low frequency area.


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