Why Is There A Delay In Bluetooth Headphones?


Nowadays, there are fewer and fewer mobile phones that still retain the 3.5mm headphone jack on the market, and custom bluetooth headphones have gradually become the general trend. Compared with wired headphones, true wireless bluetooth headphones are more convenient to carry, easier to store, and more convenient to use. But it also has an obvious shortcoming-delay phenomenon, which is an unavoidable problem with custom bluetooth headphones. Even the highly sought after AirPods cannot eliminate all delays, and there is always a gap compared with wired headsets.


 If you are watching a movie while wearing true wireless bluetooth headphones, you definitely don’t want to encounter the phenomenon that the sound is out of sync with the picture, which will greatly reduce the interest in watching movies; also when playing intense action games, players also want to get synchronized sound feedback , Hear the enemy's footsteps or gunshots in the first time, and make timely actions to take advantage of the game.


To achieve synchronization between sound and action, the delay must be controlled within 40ms. However, because the delay time of traditional Bluetooth technology exceeds 100ms, its performance cannot achieve real-time synchronization of audio and video. So, how does the delay phenomenon of bluetooth headphones occur? True wireless earphones use Bluetooth wireless connection. Usually, digital signals are used. The digital signals are transmitted from the mobile phone to the true wireless earphones. The earphones then process the audio signals to change the sound that adult ears can understand. It takes time to come and go. , There is a delay.


Specifically, the mobile phone transmits the digital signal, which is received by bluetooth headphones. After receiving the digital signal from the mobile phone, the digital signal is decompressed and transcoded through the chip inside the bluetooth headset, and converted into people’s ears that can be understood. Analog signal. Then use the signal amplifying chip to amplify the converted analog signal. At this time, the human ear can hear and understand the sound. It is not difficult for everyone to see through the above process that the process of signal processing for true wireless headsets is more complicated. It’s not as good as the direct transmission of wired headphones. After the process of wireless transmission, compression, decompression, and amplification, the delay will come out, so when you use wireless bluetooth headphones, you will feel that there will be a gap between the sound and the screen display. There is a certain delay.


In order to solve the delay phenomenon of custom bluetooth headphones and allow users to get a better experience when using true wireless bluetooth headphones, as the leading bluetooth headphones manufacturer, JiaWeiHua is also using new technologies introduced when producing bluetooth headphones, such as Bluetooth 5.0 chips, Synchronous transmission of left and right ears, etc. However, as far as current technology is concerned, the delay of true wireless earphones will not be completely resolved. The delay can only be further reduced by technical means to the point where it is not noticed.