The Status Quo Of The Active Noise Cancelling Headphone Market

Active noise cancelling headphone products have always been a product category in the headphone market that is not considered mainstream, but for many consumers and users who have used it, they also have a very good impression of this product. However, active noise-cancelling headphones are in the front In the past few years, it has been almost monopolized by various big manufacturers, and the price of such products has always been very expensive. For the noise reduction market, there are few low-priced products.

For the noise-cancelling headphone market, it has been tepid. I believe that many consumers who travel frequently will have such a headphone product in their bags. For long-distance travel and flights, noise-cancelling headphones can be said to be a must A partner of, even if you don't listen to music and only turn on the noise reduction function, it will help sleep.

But what I have to admit is that with the increase of people’s income, attention to niche products such as active noise-cancelling headphones has been increasing, and more and more friends have recently asked what kind of reduction. The noise earphones are good, the price is low or the price is high.Today, let's talk about the market where the presence is not strong but the demand is increasing.

For the active noise reduction headphone market, in fact, most of the well-known products are high-end products produced by big brands. Among them, top headphone brands such as Sony, Bose, AKG, etc. are very common, and they are not very approachable in terms of price. At a price of more than 1,000 yuan, for many consumers, if you are not an enthusiast, buying a headphone at such an expensive price will really feel more or less painful.

All kinds of big-name active noise reduction headphones can be said to be not too approachable in terms of price, but the problem is that even the low-end active noise reduction products are not very cheap to buy. Common in the market Active noise-cancelling headphones are in the range of a few hundred yuan even for the mid-to-low-end positioning, and it is almost impossible to find such a product at a price of one or two hundred.

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