What is a TWS Headphone?

Nowadays, TWS headphones are really a mess, and they are loved by more and more people. TWS headphones are generally a combination of a charging storage box and two separate earphones, and the earphones can be used alone. JiaWeiHua is the leading custom TWS headphone manufacturer & supplier in China, specializing in TWS headphone wholesale. The following explains the relevant knowledge of TWS headphones.


TWS: Abbreviation for True Wireless Stereo, meaning true wireless stereo. The power of this technology is that it allows traditional Bluetooth headsets to be connected without wires and truly separate and independent. The overflight and innovation of this technology have greatly improved the convenience of Bluetooth headsets.


Why buy TWS headphones

First of all, custom TWS headphones are really trendy now, probably because they are really too convenient. Compared with wired, head-mounted, and neck-mounted, TWS headphones are basically less burdensome. A small box put it in the pocket, it feels nothing. Wear it on your ears without any restraints.


Advantages and disadvantages of TWS headphones

Advantages: Small size, lightweight, simple and easy to carry, and the stethoscope effect of the previous Bluetooth and wired headsets have been greatly improved.


Disadvantages: sound quality, Bluetooth connection, and battery life are all critics of true wireless Bluetooth headsets. It's really wireless, and it's not easy to find if it accidentally drops. It will also be a bit delayed.