TWS(True Wireless Stereo),TWS means true wireless stereo, and TWS technology is also based on the development of Bluetooth chip technology. TWS technology has been applied to the field of Bluetooth headsets, giving birth to a new product -TWS Bluetooth headsets.


The biggest innovation of true wireless stereo headphone is to break through the conventional design and remove the shackles of the wires between the left and right headphones. This true wireless stereo headphone can also reduce noise and filter noise to ensure sound quality.


Main Features of TWS Headphone

1. True wireless can achieve single and double ear wear

2. Intelligent noise reduction function

3. Semi-intelligence & intelligence


Industry Development Prospects of TWS Headphone

1. TWS headsets will move towards intelligence

2. The chip will integrate more TWS function


In addition to the functions of playing and collecting sound information, TWS headsets will also have functions such as voice control, semantic recognition, active noise reduction, sports health monitoring, virtual reality acoustics, and interconnection with other smart devices, which can satisfy consumers' work and life A variety of complex application requirements. With the continuous extension of TWS headset brands in AI, life, general health, etc., the continuous diversification of applications, and the characteristics of interconnection, TWS headsets will be an indispensable part of life, leading to the trend of intelligent life.


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